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The common bond I share with you is a love for horses. I have been riding, owning and training horses for over 25 years! When I look back at the beginning of my career I often think about how great it would have been to have access to the world through the internet. There is so much we can learn through each other. This is why this site was created. I want to reach my fellow horse-lovers and open a gateway of communication so we can all learn from each other. I don't want this to be too formal, I just want you to enjoy the site and take away from it as much as you can. There is a lot of published material available to you, but here I will let you be the writers!

I have set up an area for you to ask me questions concerning your beloved four-legged friends and also a section where you can post classified ads free of charge. So, look around and enjoy. I look forward to providing guidance and support for you and your horses!

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What is a cross rail?


A cross rail is a jump made of two poles forming an X. We use cross rails for warm up and to help train horses to jump the middle of the jump.


What is a thoroughbred?


A Thoroughbred is a breed of horse. You will most often see Thoroughbreds at race tracks. They are typically high-spirited and very athletic. Thoroughbreds are also very common in the Hunter/Jumper rings because of their athleticism, beauty and grace.


Where can I buy a nice pair of riding boots in the central New Jersey area?


There are many tack shops in the central NJ area a few of which are Beval Saddlery in Gladstone, NJ, Horseman's Outlet in Annandale, NJ (very good prices),The Tack Room in Pittstown, NJ. You can also order from catalogs such as Dover and Millers.


Why should I use spurs?


First I would like to say, please do not use spurs unless you have experience riding and have a nice tight leg. A trainer can help you determine if you need spurs for your horse. Typically spurs are used to help push a quiet horse forward. Because we were them on our boots, they are in constant contact with our horse's sides, therefore, be very careful with them!


do you have horses for sale


We do not have any horses for sale personally, but please check back with us as our classified section starts to grow.
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Registered 4 y/o QH Gelding 4000
Zippo Pine Bar bred mare. NEW MEXICO $4500
Solar powered Viirginia farm house for sale $335,000.0
Horse 1500.00
Gorgeous Green Coastal Hay Rolls 45
Costum Made English Full Chaps $175
Registered Chihuahua Puppies 700
Horse 2000
Barn $350/month
Improve your Horse's Health - In Hand Equine Massa negotiable
Guesthouse & Boarding Stable seasonal r
registered 9 yr old QH mare $3500
10 Year Old Found All Around Horse $10,000 ne
Stalls For Rent starting f
Lessons & Training
Boarding starting f
Tifton 44 bermuda hay $ 4.50
Horse 300.00
TB gelding horse 3000.00
Double Registered Saddlebred Mare 1500.00
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